Paul Bracke, Ph.D.

“The Manchester survey of 140 companies shows nine in 10 executives believe coaching to be worth their time and dollars. The average return was more than $5 for each $1 spent."
--The Denver Post, 9/2/2003

What is coaching?
Simply put, coaching is a process that enables people to become more than they believe they can be. Many believe that coaching is destined to become the leadership approach of the twenty-first century. This is due to a radical change in the nature of leadership and the lack of sufficient training that many highly talented individuals receive before they are asked to lead.

The i lead Coaching Advantage: High Quality, High Value
“Lots of folks call themselves an "executive coach" these days "…people need to be careful when selecting a coach. Psychologists earn doctorates and go through years of training, supervised therapy sessions and comprehensive examinations…Because [most] coaches' training is so much more limited, 'there's a quality control issue.’”--Denver Rocky Mountain News

I have consistently found that my extensive training and experience as a psychologist and executive coach enable me to work effectively with executives and senior managers who are effective but who want to optimize their leadership skills and potential. Also, while many doing coaching have no compelling professional credentials, I have found that my doctorate from Stanford helps gives me the professional legitimacy that many executives respect—a component that is essential for effective coaching.

Fortunately, many companies are now realizing that truly effective coaching requires the kind of expertise and training that becoming a psychologist requires. This is a critical quality control issue since so many individuals can call themselves an “executive coach”—with little or no substantial training in the complicated process of helping executives develop and optimize their true leadership potential.
i lead coaching is a customized intensive professional development program designed to either:
  • Develop specific leadership skills that a manager or executive who has been promoted or changed positions now needs to meet their new leadership challenges, or
  • Remedy problematic leadership behavior that has been identified as ineffective and costly.
Strategically designed to help leaders, i lead‘s customized coaching programs enable leaders to develop the skills they need to meet the specific challenges that they and their companies face. Coaching can unlock the latent leadership potential in managers, remedy leadership weaknesses and extend leadership talent where it already exists.

Today’s New Leader
Yesterday’s leader was primarily a decision maker and resource allocator. By sharp contrast, today’s leader is challenged to be a people developer and relationship builder who makes the people around them better and more valuable. Many leaders have not learned the business and people skills that today’s business requires.

Organizational Benefits
Coaching is also transformational. Through targeted behavioral change in a manager or executive, coaching can become a propellant for healthy organizational change. Coaching offers people the chance to understand how they are perceived when they are out of alignment—and the opportunity to bring their ineffective and costly leadership behavior back into alignment. Coaching can make a broad impact and build a healthier organization.