Paul Bracke, Ph.D.

Fast-paced modern life is stressful. Some stress comes and goes, and we're able to handle it and live productive lives. Too often stress becomes chronic, we are exposed to it too much of the time, and then it becomes a serious problem.

Chronic Stress:  Good News Becomes Bad
When it comes to stress, the good news very quickly becomes bad news. Our ability to adjust in order to cope very soon creates patterns that are chronically stressful and over time become toxic, damaging key parts of our bodies and our lives.

One particularly destructive pattern of modern stress is the Type A pattern. Simply defined, Type A behavior is an ineffective and destructive way of trying to cope that generates needless chronic stress that we feel as: greater anxiety about time pressure, impatience, and easily provoked irritation and anger.

The InsidiousThief
Chronic stress steals the joy from our lives. It corrodes our physical health, our mental health and our ability to advance in our professions. It even robs us of our precious time and our ability to form and enjoy high quality relationships. A specific form of chronic stress, Type A behavior, has been identified as a primary risk factor for premature heart disease that is as dangerous as high cholesterol, hypertension, smoking or family history of heart disease.